APU rubbed to powder “baby” militants “In an instant”

ВСУ стерли в порошок «малыша» боевиков: «В один миг»

In the Internet showed a photo liquidated in Donbas Russian mercenary with the Callsign “Malysh”

As reported Politeka, reported by blogger Necro Mancer in Twitter.

“Vereshaga Maxim Viktorovich (Aleksandrovsky R-n, 21/03/93) became #gruz200 ~01/10/19 (the circumstances of the death require clarification)”, — stated in the message.

On the site “Peacemaker” provided the nickname of the fighter – Max Kid. He was a scout for fighters and served in the third brigade of the so-called “LNR”.

“Land him glassy”, “Hope in one moment his urabotali”, “the main thing is not to win but to participate”, “I am very pleased at the news,” they write.

“A wedge in the dugout at Mikhailovka during a drunken quarrel blew up a grenade “Tatar” (Gudilin Dima, a former bodyguard Corsi, neighbor Zakharchenko,” — said a user with the nickname “Nova Gorlivka”.

Note that netizens wished the Thriller “land of glass”.

As previously reported, on the eve of Ukrainian soldiers have been in the trenches for one of the best special operations against Russian invaders. Blogger and volunteer Yury Mysyagin told event details.

The author of the publication said that the terrorists planned to poison soldiers APU the fifth anniversary of the liberation of one of the settlements. Now this town is under the control of Kiev. The enemy tried to attack him:

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“Today, one of the military units of the APU, was one of the most successful and ambitious of military operations during the war in the East of Ukraine. While very little information is known so far only that the enemy was planning to “congratulate” APU with the fifth anniversary of the liberation of one of the settlements located in the rear on the territory controlled by Ukraine”.

Yuri Mysyagin cites data received from the scouts. According to him, the occupants began firing at Ukrainian military positions. But soon badly paid for it, after APU has dealt an unexpected blow to their accumulation.

“Information was received from our intelligence. In addition, in the area tonight the position of brigade came under fire from Mortars, 82 and 120 gauge. APU has developed and conducted an operation for preemption. It was revealed the accumulation of military equipment and manpower of the enemy. While the exact information a bit, we only know what the techs lost a lot, a lot. And not just technology, namely combat military equipment,” — said the blogger.

ВСУ стерли в порошок «малыша» боевиков: «В один миг»

We will remind, Russia pulled to the border with Ukraine, a record number of military equipment, Putin gave the order.

As reported Politeka, fighters brutalized before the election: big losses.

Also Politeka wrote that the Russian tank came into battle with us what happened, fight footage.