APU revenge invaders: triumph caught on video, the details of the breakthrough

ВСУ отомстили оккупантам: триумф попал на видео, подробности прорыва

APU once again studied the Russian occupation troops “of the L/DNR”, dealing a fatal blow

About the triumph of the Ukrainian army in his Telegram channel said the journalist Andrew Tsaplienko.

In particular, he shared a video, which depicted the time of the destruction of the enemy dugout occupied by Russian troops in the Donbass.

ВСУ отомстили оккупантам: триумф попал на видео, подробности прорыва

Published footage shows that the APU fighters made two shots from the ATGM, which are not prohibited by the accords.

Shots of soldiers turned out to be accurate and anti-tank guided missiles completely defeated asylum to a Russian terrorist “L/DNR”, as evidenced by footage of some of the bird’s flight.

About the losses the Russian occupation troops in the strong impact of the APU is not reported.

“You can’t be happy that it’s growing equipment and training of our liberators! Glory To Ukraine!”, “Well done,” “Death to enemies,” write the Ukrainians in the comments under the video.

ВСУ отомстили оккупантам: триумф попал на видео, подробности прорыва

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Previously, we reported about another success of soldiers of the APU in the Donbass. About the triumph of the APU said the Ukrainian army officer Anatoly Stefan Callsign ridiculous. According to him, the OOS forces succeeded in eliminating two terrorists “L/DNR”, which were the basis of volunteers “Peacemaker”.

In particular, Mr. Stefan reported on the elimination in the area of the OOS two traitors of Ukraine — Vitali Sevastyanov and Yury Denisyuk. According to the “Stirlitz”, the first fighter eliminated on 6 September and the second on the following day. As you know, Savostianov was 25 years old, and Denisyuk 31.

It is also known that Vitaly Savostianov in hiding on the territory of the occupied Donbas from law enforcement. He was accused of rape and he decided to go to war over the Russian occupation of forming a “L/DNR”.

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As reported Politeka, the Ukrainian army is preparing for a big reduction, known causes

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