APU fighters got to the brazen “Atanasov” on the front: “Leave can not”

Бойцы ВСУ добрались до обнаглевших "ихтамнетов" на передовой: «Уехать уже не смогут»

Ukrainian troops inflicted a crushing blow on the positions of militants

This was reported by military volunteer Yury Mysyagin on his page in social network Facebook. He wrote that the strike was a drone, who was returning from a mission.

It is reported that on the way to the base of the APU, the drone’s camera recorded the positions of the militants.

“The drone returning from a mission, the group K-2 of the 54th brigade, was found on one of the advanced positions of the enemy the two cars. It is unclear what was the reason for their presence there, maybe OBDR*chentsy gathered to study the position of APU, can ride anything, the meeting was, who knows. In war such audacity without attention you can not leave. Especially with these very well-fortified positions, constantly there are attacks and provocations”, — wrote Mysyagin.

Бойцы ВСУ добрались до обнаглевших "ихтамнетов" на передовой: «Уехать уже не смогут»

Then he said that the Ukrainian military struck a number of shots at the militants. First the military came along the trench and dugout, where the militants were hiding. And then another couple of shots were done on the car.

“The first sighting exactly along the trench and dugout, not to be able to run out, a few near the machines, so the fragments had nowhere to go couldn’t. and then exactly on target. Comfortable and quiet ride on the Ukrainian land will be no more. One car no, the second is suitable only as a colander,” concluded Mysyagin.

As evidence, jury gave a video made by a drone.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian soldier returning from the war, was detained by police for an administrative violation. This was told by the volunteer Yury Mysyagin. He said, the military from the 54th brigade was returning home from the front on the bus. Transport ran out of time and so stopping was reduced. At one of the stops military got off the bus and just lit up. He was approached by a police officer, saying that a fighter is breaking the law. “You are breaking the law and Smoking in public place is prohibited. It is necessary to make the Protocol”, — said the COP. Mysyagin notes that the soldier was sober, completely relaxed and in uniform.

The fighter explained to the police that he was going home from war, tired and I didn’t know that you can’t smoke here, but only near the urn in the side (15-20 metres) from him, which he just saw. After the Protocol, the military bought another bus ticket. Belongings of those who left without him late picking up his companion.

Recall that the network has criticized the statement of former commander of the FOS on the rapid capture of the Donets basin.

As reported Politeka in Ukraine for the first time since independence, carried out night flying exercises.

Also Politeka wrote that the coordinated actions of the military and the national guard allowed Croatia to liberate the occupied territory by the separatists.