APU fighters eliminated militants “Hedgehog”: “the whole would be wool”

Бойцы ВСУ ликвидировали боевика «Ежика»: «вся бы вата так»

The Ukrainian military in the Donbass killed the gunman may 9

Was eliminated a supporter of militants Eugene Yuzhik born in 1993, this was in the social network Twitter announced blogger Necro Mancer.

It is reported that Yuzhik had the call sign “Hedgehog”. He was a native of the Donetsk region. In the social network Vkontakte on the separatist pouring tears and left relevant comments of his friends.

Бойцы ВСУ ликвидировали боевика «Ежика»: «вся бы вата так»

Under what circumstances was destroyed by the action, not reported.

The post Ukrainian blogger not left without attention of the Internet users.

“And OOS reported one 300m from abizyan. Prudes,” “Thank you”, “It asked in the screens, as he spent the holiday, as for me the best. Here are all wool so would have spent the holiday,” wrote the commentators, under the message about the death of a separatist.

As we wrote earlier, in the area of Operations of the combined forces eliminated a dangerous saboteur. Contronatura group APU eliminated the saboteur in the district of Donetsk airport in the Donbas.

Бойцы ВСУ ликвидировали боевика «Ежика»: «вся бы вата так»

It is known that in the field of view of the Ukrainian military were two Pro-Russian militants. Ukrainian sniper defused one of them. The next fighter confirmed the hit on the camera. The fate of the second occupant in the message is not specified.

Бойцы ВСУ ликвидировали боевика «Ежика»: «вся бы вата так»

The militants, a Day of remembrance and reconciliation, was not appeased, as in any other day in the Donbass. It is reported that Pro-Russian invaders dozens of times only for a day willfully violated the ceasefire regime in the zone of the OOS.

Ukrainian defenders commensurate responded to the aggression of the occupiers. It is reported by APU officer Anatoly Stefan “Stirlitz” on his page in Facebook.

Бойцы ВСУ ликвидировали боевика «Ежика»: «вся бы вата так»

“As a result of provocative attacks on the Russian occupation troops, units of the OS on Svetlodarsk direction was decided on an adequate response to the enemy. The result of the fire according to intelligence was the destruction of two enemy infantry fighting vehicles,” wrote Ukrainian officer.

Recall that only 7 may the Pro-Russian terrorists 25 times violated the ceasefire.

The militants had used banned by the Minsk agreements, artillery systems of caliber 122 mm tank guns and mortars.

It was hot in the districts of Novotroitsk, Avdeevka, Nikolaevka, Water, Hnutove, Nevelskogo, Starohnativka, Bogdanovka and Lebedinsky. Militants fired Popasnaya and near, Novozvanovka, Katerinovka, South and the village of Lugansk.

Recall that the leader of fighters “DNR” eliminated: published photos.

As reported Politeka, APU fighters liquidated a commander of the militants, the details of the operation: “turned into a sieve.”

Also Politeka wrote that APU to rein in the Russians in the Donbas: details of the victory in the OOS.