APU fighters complained Petro Poroshenko on the “inhuman” conditions

Ukrainian soldiers 54 OMBRE 1st mechanized battalion 3rd mechanized company appealed through Facebook to the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Minister of defense Stepan Poltorak, as well as to the entire Ukrainian people complaining of the lack of water, food and inhuman living conditions.

“Bunkers are not ready for winter, we have no elementary sanitary conditions: we are more than two weeks are not able to wash. From the moment we arrived to the front line, food security is not issued 10 days”, — he wrote Serpent in the social network.
The soldiers also said that they have no military equipment. According to him, the outfit in winter season they should buy for their own money. The main proof of his words are attached to the record images. The soldier wrote that the battalion requires the fulfillment of obligations that the state undertook in relation to its defenders, “as the people’s patience has a limit”.

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