Application scanners on smartphones will help to simplify people’s lives

The camera will help for a few minutes to load on a smartphone important documents, receipts and business cards, because it is more convenient to keep all this under my hand. Would be more effective to use it on a couple of applications scanners.


They will help to improve the quality of the photos and have a lot of useful features.

For example, Docr Pro helps in the case when the picture was taken at an angle and the image came out distorted.

Scanner Pro by Readdle – a product that allows you to quickly apply filters on images to make images in black and white to simplify the color scheme and reduce the file size to take up less space.

Also such applications can boast of the ability to translate otkalibrovani document in PDF format.

A very handy feature is the Adobe Fill & Sign which lets you scan a signed photo to put arrows to show and highlight part of the image with a certain color.

Can Turboscan: Fast scanner is an application that will easily improve the quality of the picture taken, even with a very good camera specifications of the smartphone.

Also, these applications often have the ability to protect documents or files with a password or pin code.

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