Apple watch will become a smart doctor

At the University of California the Apple watch exactly 82% of the identified problems of the human heart and 90% of violations of pulmonary ventilation. The experiment involved 6 thousand people wearing the Apple Watch. It will be a new era in medicine.

On 14 November, the media got the details of the University of California. About 6 thousand volunteers have worn the clock Apple watch. Based on neural network DeepHeart, the company’s Cardiogram, managed to detect the carriers of “smart” hours health problems.

While the Apple Watch focuses on the problems of the human heart and the problems with violations of pulmonary ventilation. Superpowers such hours were the result of equipment with heartbeat sensors and accelerometers.

Described the achievement in a short time to retrain your Apple watch from the list of gadgets in the list of medical developments. Also, expressed the opinion of experts about the possibilities of hours to become a Smart doctor in the near future.

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