Apple has acknowledged problems with the iPhone screen X

The developers Apple was forced to respond to criticism of users of the revolutionary iPhone model X and to recognize the existence of problems with the screen of the smartphone. It turned out that low temperature adversely affects the touch sensitivity of the display.

First, the euphoria after purchasing an expensive smartphone, opened a new era”, was held a week after the start of sales. Now if you have iPhone X you start to notice design flaws in some segments of the gadget. According to users from countries located in high latitudes, dropping temperatures below zero Celsius, affects the screen’s sensitivity to touch of a finger.

Apple was forced to admit the existence of the defect. According to the developers, such as low temperature were not taken into account, and therefore the defect will be fixed in the near future. Moreover, the delay in response to the touch lasts no more than a few seconds, then the screen adapts to the temperature.

Recall, the company Xiaomi plans to adopt the concept of the iPhone screen X.

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