“Appeasement” Zelensky struck act on the meeting with the faithful: “I beg you”

«Умиротворенный» Зеленский поразил поступком на встрече с верующими: «Я очень вас прошу»

President Vladimir Zelensky during a visit to Exactly calmed the weeping parishioner of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

About it report “Details”.

“Vladimir Zelensky personally reassured one of the weeping women, which attracted his attention, and, addressing the representatives of the diocese of Rivne were asked to explain all the problems to him in writing”, — stated in the message.

«Умиротворенный» Зеленский поразил поступком на встрече с верующими: «Я очень вас прошу»

Himself Zelensky asked the woman not to cry, and to write him about the challenges of believers.

“I beg you, please, let’s not cry, let’s calm down, and you write us the problem, we – Yes…”, he said.

As previously reported, the U.S. Department of energy has sent to Ukraine a delegation of specialists who will help in the development of action for the winter heating season of 2019-2020. About it reports a press-service of the American Embassy on the page in Facebook.

The report notes that the delegation was sent at the request of President Vladimir Zelensky. American experts will help Ukrainian energy workers to establish and regulate the scope of supply.

A key aspect will appeal the attention to the proper distribution of power and the ability to react to its deficit. Another important thing which will be occupied by representatives of the delegation will be the analysis of the state’s energy production in Ukraine.

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“This team will contribute to the administration Zelensky and the Ukrainian authorities the necessary resources to ensure that Ukraine was no longer vulnerable to the threats of power supply interruptions from Russia”, — added in the press service of the Embassy.

Meanwhile, many social media users expressed concern about the request Zelensky: “He doesn’t do that?”

«Умиротворенный» Зеленский поразил поступком на встрече с верующими: «Я очень вас прошу»

Recall that the Zelensky made a decision about the subsidies, been waiting millions.

As reported Politeka, the workers massively buying real estate in Lviv, what’s going on.

Also Politeka wrote that the NBU stated that large-scale changes in the banks that will change for Ukrainians from 1 September.