Appeared the first teaser of the Ukrainian Comedy “the 11 children from Morshyn” (VIDEO)

Появился первый тизер украинской комедии «11 детей из Моршина» (ВИДЕО)

The film will be released on 3 January 2019.

Ukrainian cinema has reached new levels and cool new films become successful and famous. For example, Hollywood took to help us make the film “Zakhar Berkut”.

Now the network appeared the teaser of the Ukrainian Comedy “the 11 children from Morshyn,” writes Today.

The producer was made by Sergei Lavrenyuk and registercom chair Arkady Nepytalyuk.

In the story, an ancient legend says that the city Morshyn was founded on the site of a meteorite, which is rich in the rare metal osmium. Desire to earn easy money, Jack decides to fool everyone and take possession of a valuable object. All would be nothing if it were not there 11 children from Morshin. United for a common goal, they begin the struggle against injustice.

A stellar cast just makes you gasp: Ada Rogovtseva, Vladimir Goryansky, Garik Korogodsky, Alexander skichko, Elena Lavrenyuk, Olga Freimut, Anatoliy Anatolich, Sergey Babkin, Babkin Snezhana, Ksenia Zhdanova and many others.

The Comedy will be released on 3 January 2019.

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