Anyone have a weather headache: the reasons why the drugs don’t work

У кого на погоду раскалывается голова: причины, почему лекарства не помогают

With the headaches associated with changes in the weather,people often drink blood pressure meds and do not understand, why pills do not work

Many people who have changes in the weather provoke headache and feeling unwell, falsely linked this ailment with high blood pressure. However, most often, these symptoms occur due to cervical degenerative disc disease, confident doctors.

У кого на погоду раскалывается голова: причины, почему лекарства не помогают

Cervical degenerative disc disease that develops due to degenerative processes in the vertebral discs, impedes the movement of blood to the head — this causes headaches. With this view in the portal “Magpuls” was made by the specialist of Institute of neurosurgery of a doctor-physiotherapist Pavel Urushev.

“People suffering from cervical osteochondrosis, are often very sensitive to weather changes. Changes in air pressure cause vascular spasms: they shrink and blood flow slows. The man with the sore neck it will cause more severe discomfort” — said the expert.

The physician noted that many patients associate their weather headaches with blood pressure and take medication, which may not produce the desired effect. If the pressure increases in such a situation, this happens not in direct contact with the weather.

“The pain caused by degenerative disc disease leads to anxiety, which leads to increased blood pressure. Medication, reducing blood pressure, does not help, because the shortage of blood flow in the arteries of the neck, they do not eliminate” — he discovered the cause specialist.

У кого на погоду раскалывается голова: причины, почему лекарства не помогают

According to the doctor, a predisposition to degenerative disc disease can be an inherited trait. People with a family tendency to its appearance, doctors are advised to follow the diet and stress on the spine.

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