Any PR campaigns against BYUT 2013 Farmak 2019 in Ukraine may be some customers

У PR-кампаний против БЮТ 2013 года и «Фармак» 2019 г в Украине могут быть одни заказчики

Unfolding this week about a PR campaign around the largest Ukrainian pharmaceutical company Farmak organized by the same people as against the opposition BYUT bloc in 2013.

As reported Antikor, six years ago, “the popular British information resource Eureporter”, which actually is a Ukrainian analogue of “cisterns”, published a biased article against the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on European integration Gregory Nemyria of the BYT. And 11 September 2019 the same “authoritative resource” publishes “jeans” vs “Farmak”. This coincidence allows to trace the possible organizers of these two campaigns.

In 2013, the opposition leader Hryhoriy Nemyria was the head of an important parliamentary Committee of European integration. Ordinary member of the Committee was non-partisan Petro Poroshenko, who came to Parliament from the post of Minister of economic development and trade, and were clearly unsatisfied ambitions. His mutual hostility with Yulia Tymoshenko they know everything. Criticism is one of the most influential representatives of the BYUT was on hand to Pyotr Alekseevich.

Already in its orbit were the millionaire owner of a pharmaceutical company “Darnitsa” Gleb zagoriy, which in 2014 ran for Parliament under number 52 of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, who by that time President. It is quite possible that the City of zagori funded “black” PR, trying to get the location of the future head of state, is known for his frugality.

Today “Darnitsa” is trying to sue the trade mark “Corvalol” the Creator and manufacturer of the drug — company “Farmak”. During the reign of Peter Poroshenko, in 2016, the company G. Zagoria managed to start production of the preparation “Corvalol-Darnitsa” in copyright infringement. Through the use of well-known brands for two years, “Darnitsa” received almost half of the market for these sedative drops.

At present, deprived of political support in the courts, “Darnitsa” is trying to use every opportunity to discredit the “Farmak”. At the same time, according to experts, the chance to win her minimal.

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A loss in court could have consequences in the form of an anti-trust case about unfair competition from the “Darnytsya”. It threatens her with a fine of 6 million dollars. and reputational risk, which in turn will negatively affect the value of the company and preparing for the sale.

Author: Igor Petrenko