Any losses from the introduction of the “Rotterdam+” was not applied, – Trohimets

Никаких убытков от внедрения "Роттердам+" нанесено не было, - Трохимец

The introduction of the “Rotterdam+” did not cause any damage. Statements NABU and SAP loss incorrect

This was stated by the President of the Association of energy of Ukraine Alexander Trohimets the TV channel “NewsOne”, write Ukrainian news.

“To say that damage was caused to the public or anyone else from the introduction of the “Rotterdam+” is technically illiterate because people do not understand the structure of price formation for electrical energy, and, secondly, legally illiterate, as to approve of causing someone harm, it is necessary that this someone was a subject in a criminal case, and clearly counted the money, which was allegedly caused losses”, said Trohimets.

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He also noted that in two and a half years of investigation, the NEB, and SAP is not defined, or who incurred damage in any way it can be counted.

Earlier, the co-chair of the energy strategies Foundation Dmytro Marunych called the myth of approval to the NAB that from the introduction of the “Rotterdam+” damages in the amount of 19 billion And the lawyer of the former head of the national Commission Dmitry Vovk Irina Odintsov said that there are no examinations, proving the loss arising from the use of the formula “Rotterdam+”. Chairman NKREKU Oksana Krivenko said that the formula “Rotterdam+” allowed citizens to save 40 billion UAH.