Anxiety attacks, depression : Nony tells the story of his descent to hell after the end of the Tribal King – Here

Cardboard surprise of the year 2006, the single Way Sex has propelled the Tribal King on the front of the stage, they left as quickly as they had arrived. A fall which has plunged Nony, one of the members of the duo, in a ” dirty depression “.

They wanted everyone to move his buttocks and that women forget their complexes : in 2006, the Tribal King signed a huge tube, How Sex. A success that has made them stars for a few years (or few months), before they fall by the wayside. Despite a second single, an album and tours of the club, their popularity had collapsed, without even they realize : “It is when there is more money and more media coverage than you realize that there is a small problem,” says today Nony in the WebSam Sam Zirah. Riddled with “tensions” born with the end of their glory, he and his fellow micro-have finally separated. Thanks to the single, Way Sex, Nony had won 500 000 euros, what to ensure a few years of peace. The concern is that he has spent all, without anything to invest.

“I thought I was rich, so I was spending without counting “, he says to Sam Zirah. Trip with friends in club Monaco, shopping in luxury shops with jeans for 1000 euros “, travel, cars, etc. When taxes came toquer at his door, he had nothing more. Still in debt today, Nony acknowledges that it has “not managed” and “assume” his error. After the end of the Tribal King, he had to find work to get by : “I worked in a hotel, in a clothing store and until last week, I was working in a wine bar, î he told last September to Tv Star.

Despite this sharp drop, Nony has long held the blow, as he confides to Sam Zirah : “I had the chance to meet a girl who supported me. It went well for me. The after-blow in the tube, I got it after ten years, the last year. “And it was very violent. It is only in 2016 that Nony took full in the face of the failure of his group : “I fell into a nasty depression. I didn’t expect this to happen to me, because I’m still a beating. “A lot of living that has translated into” anxiety attacks “, sleep disorders and other problems : “The night I woke up, I fell into the apples, desires to vomit… stuff like that, what. “

The singer has come out thanks to the support of his loved ones. “I was lucky enough to have friends around me, it is important not to be alone in these moments “, he explains. Writing has also helped a lot : “you have to believe that [the depression] I was served, because I think that this is where I wrote my best songs, finally. “Songs that will be released very soon because, with the exposure offered by his stint in Secret Story, Nony has returned to the studio.

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