Anthony Edwards (Er) admits to having been sexually abused for years – Here

The actor Anthony Edwards has opened up in a long post published on the platform of the blogging Medium. Dr. Mark Greene in the series Er was said to have been violated during several years of his adolescence by the producer Gary Goddard.

“Yes mom, there is a problem “. It is with these words full of meaning that the actor Anthony Edwards has chosen to start a long open letter to talk about a terrible wound in his past. On the platform of the blogging Medium, the one interpreted by dr. Mark Greene in the series Er is assigned on his teenage years spent under the yoke of a pedophile, the producer Gary Goddard.

Anthony Edwards has made to the knowledge of Gary Goddard when he was 12 years old. The latter quickly became an “important figure” in the life of a young boy, neglected by a father in the throes of a post-traumatic stress disorder after fighting in the Second world War. The young Anthony Edwards who was in need of “building links” with someone was therefore an easy prey for Gary Goddard.

Over the months, the man became the mentor, the teacher and the best friend of the young man. A relationship which allowed especially to the producer to exploit the vulnerability Anthony Edwards, but also that of other young boys : “I’ve been sexually assaulted by Goddard, my best friend was raped by him and it lasted like that for years. Our group, the gang, has never said anything “.

Yet, Anthony Edwards would have been able to get out of this vicious circle : “When I was 14 years old, my mother opened the door for me to answer honestly about rumors of pedophilia that she had heard about Gary Goddard. I denied her through tears of complete panic. Facing this truth was not an option, since my self-esteem was completely éméchée in our gang of five friends who were all headed by the father figure of evil “.

If Anthony Edwards has chosen to talk about today is to help other victims, citing his own experience : “one of the most tragic episodes of child sexual abuse is that victims often feel deeply responsible “. The actor, now 55-year-old added : “The victims must play with the rules of their executioner, under the penalty of being excluded, ostracized from the only world they know “.

The actor also spoke of an episode very disturbing, where it was reviewed by chance his former torturer : “22 years ago, I met up with Gary Goddard at the airport. I was able to express my indignation for what he had done. He told me of his remorse and told me that he had help. I felt a temporary relief. I specify temporary because when the name of Goddard appeared four years ago in cases of sexual abuse, my rage surfaced again “.

At the age of 51, Anthony Edwards has had to face the demons of his childhood, helped by his friends, and a psychologist specialist in this type of abuse. A therapy that has finally led to confess the truth to his family : “After analyzing my anger in a safe place with a professional, I could finally have the conversation that I would have liked to have had with my mother when I was 14 years old “.

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