Another fraudster puts pressure on the phone

1212012(SHERBROOKE) Another fraudster tried his luck on the side of Magog, where suspicious phone calls were made in the last days.

Monday, the Memphremagog Police Authority (RPM) received three complaints of fraud attempts. “It is quite possible that this is the same fraudster who carried out the three calls,” said Paul Tear, spokesman for the RPM.

“Man speaks English and asks the victim to recall as quickly as possible to a telephone number to pay a debt, otherwise there will be a seizure. One of the three victims found the real phone number of the company concerned to be confirmed that it had no debt. ”

Fortunately, no one took the bait, there was no financial loss, said Mr. Tear.

RPM puts people on guard against the stratagems of the genre.

“Regardless of language or reason once a person unknown demand for money by putting pressure, threatening or playing on feelings, we must hang up,” he adds.

“Take the time to check with people you trust, denounce, contact your police department.”

RPM often in previous years reported telephone fraud of this kind.

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