Anna Sedokova for the first year showed daughter Monica

Анна Седокова впервые за год показала дочь Монику

Anna Sedokova recently been able to reconnect with his daughter Monica. The fact that about a year ago, the singer moved to Russia with his older daughter Alina and youngest son of Hector and Monica was left to live with his father in America. The first time Sedokova flew at the first opportunity to communicate with my daughter, but then she had to fight for the right to see the baby.

As it turned out, the “root of evil” was the girl’s grandmother. She was afraid that Anna will forever take away his daughter. The singer was forbidden to communicate with her daughter, to see her without the accompaniment of the guardianship. The U.S. government was on the side of the father, as he and Monica — the citizens of America, and Sedokova — no. After months of negotiations and court hearings, with Anna spending all the money earned, the parties failed to reach agreement. Now Sedokova can pick up my daughter myself during her school holidays and at almost any time to visit her in the States.

The last week before classes Anna took away all their children to Greece. She rented a gorgeous old Villa, but today showed the first over the past year photo with Monica. However, she was forbidden to “Shine” the girl’s face on social media, so the photo is her eyes covered by large sunglasses.

By the way, some believe that Maxim Cherniavsky now easily let go Monica for Sedokova because recently became a father for the second time. His girlfriend, model Daria Sidorova, gave birth to a daughter. The businessman did not tell the fans anything about the new daughter into the world, or even about pregnant Dasha. The model itself is even removed personal blog, so no one would know about her “interesting” position. But the information still leaked out thanks to the inner circle of “star” of the family.

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