Anna Dobrydneva went to the Boxing ring

Анна Добрыднева вышла на боксерский ринг

Popular Ukrainian singer and TV presenter Anna Dobrydneva is engaged not only creativity, but also sports. Most recently, Anna discovered the box and have already managed to step in the ring. Fragile singer took to the Boxing ring in the framework of the project “Battle. 1 season”.

Rival Anna became counselor of the Deputy Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Marina Skripnik.

On his page in the social network of Anna Dobrydneva noted that still does not believe her way to the Boxing ring became a reality.

“Boxing is the most ruthless a psychologist. All I remember from the fight last night is how me rushing death machine gloves “Peresvit”. And what a cut-man between rounds trying to fill my long-awaited water in my mouth, and it flows past because of the awkward helmet. And thought: “This round lasted exactly 2 minutes??? What you have there with a timer, dude! It’s been 57 years!” — shared his impressions of the singer.

“For a month I experienced all the stages of psychological surprises. Rage. Exposure. Self-pity. Is fear of failure. The thirst of victory. Was pleased with himself. Was afraid of that. Proud of the will power. I hated myself for stupidity. Wondered uncontrolled aggression. Respect yourself for resistance. Despised for weakness. Thank you to my best coach, Alexei Elohenu. Honestly, I don’t know how he coped with the little psycho,” wrote on the social network actress.

Anna also noted that she is very motivated rival Marina Skripnik.

“I was sure that there is a steep level of training. And a few days before the fight it was revealed that she’s left-handed. We get the kind of opponents that we deserve. We have a tie. Agreeing to fight, I didn’t understand what I am. Now I understand. The experience is priceless. I sincerely wish you to experience it. Live and feel,” shared Anna Dobrydneva.

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