Ani Lorak showed his brothers: “similar Zelensky”

Ани Лорак впервые показала своих братьев: "На Зеленского похожи"

Ani Lorak showed bright photo with two men from European cities

Popular Ukrainian singer, which is now actively building a career in Russia, decided to show fans on the social network Instagram, as spending time with family in Germany.

Ани Лорак впервые показала своих братьев: "На Зеленского похожи"

The singer, who is credited with an affair with Sergei Lazarev, spends time in Lower Saxony, in Hanover. In the photo that Caroline had posted on his page, she is depicted with two brothers, Igor and Andrew.

“Family time!”- signed photo Lorak.

The teenage singer posing in a dress with minimum make-up and hair-beam.

In the comments of the fans of the singer writing my opinion about this frame:
“At first I thought of Lazarev left, Rear on the building of the Masonic symbol”, “satanic temple”, “you are beautiful without makeup”, “You’re so lucky”, “at first I thought it was Lazarev left, well”, “Your love is so beautiful”, “You and your brothers!! Look like a 16 year old girl”

“Who are these guys?”, “Rainbow, You are our” “And takes the picture of Sonia, probably”, “Brothers in Zelensky like it on the alkie”, “Just can’t get without war paint. Without tons of makeup just 16 years old”, “Very good when there is communication with your loved ones”, ” Again Lorak SS*th wanted!”, “Of course,a family holiday,relatives have to pay attention and time. How much of that life-moment!”

Earlier, the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak surprised and stunned at the same time network users a small video which appeared unusual way.. Ani Lorak once again decided to conquer the vastness of Germany.

Ани Лорак впервые показала своих братьев: "На Зеленского похожи"

Recently she shared the news that it will start its new tour in Europe, where he presented a popular show called DIVA. Like, not just saying the artist is a show she dedicated to the women who have managed, thanks to the talent and perseverance to achieve their dreams.

Recall that Ani Lorak has changed drastically after a divorce.

As reported Politeka, Ani Lorak long concealed an illegitimate son: network boils

Also Politeka wrote that Ani was surprised by the rounded belly.