Ani Lorak in a strange outfit stunned appearance: “not myself”

Ани Лорак в странном наряде ошеломила внешним видом: "Сама на себя не похожа"

41-year-old Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who moved to the country-aggressor Russia, has shared a new video from his concert and, as always, ran into a barrage of criticism

So, Lorak he spoke in Mytischi Moscow region. Politeka as reported in his microblog in Instagram she posted a short video presentation (to see the video, dockrillia to the end).

Ани Лорак в странном наряде ошеломила внешним видом: "Сама на себя не похожа"

“Thank you for the love.. your… #shoediva #Mytishchi”, signed it live.

The star received a lot of angry comments on the topic of your failed outfit, excessive plastics and inability to move gracefully.

“Who of you still goes”

“What’s with the outfit? What a camera that takes behind this awful outfit?? Carolina, is it really you..??”

“Jeez!🙈🙈😫😫, well, who are You, Caroline, chooses the costumes???!!! How can such a beautiful girl so vulgar packaging forever as a geisha??!!! Change your stylist, throw him!”

“Oh, those dances..😅”

“Do not understand the cry that you and Caroline will succeed. She’s already not acting like yourself”

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❤ I thank you for the love.. your… #shoediva #mytisci

A post shared by Ani Lorak (@anilorak happy) on Oct 12, 2019 at 12:42pm PDT

Earlier it was reported, Lorak showed his face after a failed plastics. The social network scared of the singer’s fans “swollen face”.

Ани Лорак в странном наряде ошеломила внешним видом: "Сама на себя не похожа"

Many noted that the face of the actress is very swollen, and her lips look unnatural. However, many noticed that lorac has long gone too far with the beauty shots.

“Damn, what about her is swollen”, “@zxc_vbn_qwerty as Rasputin and the others?”, “@roman.danilin.52 the girl has to be if pregnant, to me, these two sisters went funny swollen))”, “@kyrilovich_ekaterina and I think it’s all plastic surgery and TP ((“, “@zxc_vbn_qwerty light has fallen”, “the fillers, the Botox, they are)))”, “Carolina insanely beautiful and talented. In the video she probably did not sleep here, and slightly swollen”, – write users under the post.

Also earlier it was reported that the star finally returned to the concert tour with their concert “Show Diva”.

Recall Lorak showed the result of a failed plastics, scaring a swollen face: “Oh, what happened?”.

As reported Politeka, Ani Lorak radically changed her image for the sake of the young lover: “God, what is that?”.

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that Ani Lorak spoke sharply about Ukraine, the answer is staggering: “it’s Just not our…”.