Angry Zelensky expressed everything he thinks about Parubiy: “Crook!”

Разгневанный Зеленский высказал все, что думает о Парубие: "Жулик!"

The President-elect of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky harshly criticized the Verkhovna Rada, which refused to vote for the date of his inauguration

He said this on his page in Facebook.

“Andriy Parubiy: “we Promise you that on 14 may we will set a date of the inauguration. Lie petty criminals. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, abbreviated lie. Lying is their life motto. Remember the names of the deputies of this convocation. And in the next parliamentary elections – concluded. Let’s do them together!” he said.

Разгневанный Зеленский высказал все, что думает о Парубие: "Жулик!"

Note that the reason for the President’s critics were the actions of the committees of the Verkhovna Rada. They first moved to the processing time of the inauguration from 9 am to 12 PM, and then at all on Wednesday, may 15.

As previously reported, Vladimir Zelensky can begin to perform the duties of the President. About it in a video interview Politeka said the former MP and leader of the party “5.10” Gennady Balashov.

According to him, the brouhaha surrounding the inauguration Zelensky has no meaning. All that matters is what already makes the newly elected President and what he does. For example, do not announce until the end of the names of those who together with him will come to power.

“Either the 19 th or 20-something or 30-toe plays no role. Play the role of thought Zelensky, play the role of relationships in the world. And then, what number they will hold the inauguration in General, no meaning. Today Zelensky has to perform the duties of the President,” — said Balashov.

Разгневанный Зеленский высказал все, что думает о Парубие: "Жулик!"

We will remind, named the main requirement of Ukrainians to Zelensky.

As reported Politeka, the Kremlin responded to the statement Zelensky.

Also Politeka wrote that disclosed the details of the first official visit Zelensky.