Angry, Flavie Flament reacts to the case Harvey Weinstein – Here

Invited on LCI in the show 24 hours Pujadas, Flavie Flament is back on the sex scandal that has affected the world of cinema. For she who has been raped for 13 years by the photographer David Hamilton, the acts of Harvey Weinstein could have been avoided.

Raped at age 13 by photographer David Hamilton, Flavie Flament has made violence against women its combat. The moderator of the RTL has been invited by David Pujadas on LCI to talk about the case Harvey Weinstein. The famous film producer is accused in the last few days by many actresses, which reveal unanimously that the actions of one who was a kind of ” god ” to Hollywood.

For Flavie Flament, it is a situation that could have been avoided, if the public had wanted to see in the face of the problem. In the Face of the former leader of the JT of France 2, it was first hailed “freedom of speech” and “the snowball effect” that has led many women to break their silence. It also welcomed the “immediate reaction” from the Weinstein Company, which has dismissed without hesitation the co-founder of the group.

But Flavie Flament mainly think that this entire story could have been avoided : “Nevertheless, what I also hear is that there were signals, there were still rumors. I think that these signals, in general, are actually spotted but they don’t want to see them, they don’t want to hear that it has a tendency to stay away from it and it is as well as the predators continue blithely méfaire and mowing becomings “.

Because for her, it is first the image of these men found which allows them to abuse their victims : “These are powerful figures. I think that there is the power of the artistic image. It would be forgiving of artists who are rapists on the grounds that they would have a certain genius. Already this is something that to me offends me, and I take offense especially as I have lived, me “.

Making the parallel with his personal story, Flavie Flament explained that a lot of people knew surely something, but that no one had wanted to move : “from the moment one begins to hear that there is a doubt, a risk of sexual assault, rape […], from a time where we see an old photographer who walks around naked with little girls 13 years of age, I think that the opinion must be alert, I think that we are all responsible to a kind of blindness, because face the truth, that is, we confront many questions “.

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