Angelina Jolie is preparing a new judicial “surprise” brad pitt

Анджелина Джоли готовит новый судебный «сюрприз» Брэду Питту

Litigation with the divorce of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt continues, as the demands of the actress. Now mother of many children is preparing new court appeal against ex-loved one, which will prove that during their informal relations, the actor promised to provide for her.

According to TMZ, Angelina Jolie can get much less after divorce than hoped. All because she’s with brad pitt have not made a marriage contract, so after the final breakup, the actress gets the half of joint property.

After 2 years of court battles star very sharply raised the financial issue in court. The Western media are actively discussing the fact that Angelina Jolie, who has considerable income from filming, borrowed brad pitt’s money to buy a house.

According to insiders, the husband always earned much more. But to get the money Jolie will fail because it is only in 2014 the couple married. Because the actress is planning to take a little bit of savings ex-lover.

The lawyers also believe that to seize brad pitt’s a considerable amount only if Angelina Jolie will prove that in 10 years of informal relations, the actor promised to provide for her. But to do it in the legal field is very difficult, because both stars at the beginning of the relationship was quite rich and has never had conversations about it. However, according to media reports, Jolie is preparing an appeal to the servants of Themis.

In the media also suggest that these differences become the cause of the recent high-profile statement that her ex-lover doesn’t pay child support. Thus Angelina Jolie seeks not only to attract the attention of society, but also to later use it in court. Such accusations has denied the representatives of brad pitt, saying that the Hollywood star has manipulated this issue in the media.

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