Angelina Jolie is practicing black magic to take the kids brad pitt

Анджелина Джоли практикует черную магию, чтобы забрать детей у Брэда Питта

American media reported that Angelina Jolie has gone to extreme measures to pick up the children from Angelina Jolie and engage yourself in their education. Insiders say that angelina Jolie does Voodoo magic that beat pitt in court.

Sources say that the 43-year-old actress Angelina Jolie has resorted to black magic which was practiced before the birth of their children. It is reported that earlier Voodoo magic helped her to relieve stress after a hard set. “Angie resorting to healing spells and Voodoo in a desperate attempt to relieve stress,” say the insiders.

Now the actress has sent black magic against brad pitt. Celebrity dreams to finally pick up children from ex-wife and seek sole custody. Sources inform. Because she often sits in his house in a dark room and pronounces spells, and frighten the staff.


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