Angelina Jolie deliberately takes the children on walks to the custody went to her

Анджелина Джоли нарочно выводит детей на прогулки, чтобы опека досталась ей
In recent times, the paparazzi regularly caught 43-year-old angelina Jolie during walks with children. Insiders told reporters that, in fact, the actress only gives the appearance of a loving and caring mother.

Divorce of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt has been ongoing for almost two years. The fact that the couple can not come to a peaceful agreement about the custody of children. Actor dreams that each parent could spend time with the heirs, but his wife insisted that custody should be sole.

Angie is ready to use any means to achieve the desired result. Not so long ago, for instance, she slandered her husband, saying that he did not give money for the children. And not so long ago, Jolie, as we are assured by insiders portal PageSix, new tactics.

She deliberately takes the children on outings to places where there are paparazzi in order to create the image of a caring and loving mother.

This is the conclusion of the insiders came from the fact that Angelina children regularly appears in multi-brand store Fred Segal, which foreign celebrities specially selected for “random” encounters with the paparazzi. But usually Jolie carefully avoids photographers. To recall the autumn of 2016, when the press became aware of the divorce of the actress, then for months she did not appear on the radar of the media.


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