Andriy Biletsky revealed the truth about Gold-4: “a People without bread, ambulance arrives…”

Андрей Билецкий раскрыл правду о Золотом-4: "Люди без хлеба, скорая не приезжает..."

Andrei Biletsky told about the terrible situation in which there were inhabitants of the “gray zone” in the Donbass

As reported Politeka, this Ukrainian nationalist who heads the “national body” and the veteran “resident of Azov” Andrey Biletsky declared in the program “Right to rule”. (To see the video prostrollo down)

“Two settlements — gold-4 and Katerynivka included in the “grey zone”. There were questions why the attitude of the people. The last 6 years I’m quite tightly held in the Donbass, but after seeing Gold, I was honestly a little surprised. Such as there is, I haven’t seen anywhere else. People in Gold-4 for 3 months do not have bread,” — said Biletsky.

Андрей Билецкий раскрыл правду о Золотом-4: "Люди без хлеба, скорая не приезжает..."

He also added that the people of Togo of the village are unable to obtain medical care.

“They are now formally in the Ukrainian side, but 4 months is not coming “soon”. “Soon” says — we take the patient to KPVV is 1.5-2 km in absolutely destroyed the roads — we’ll take it from there, because in Gold-4 constant shelling. There are no medicines and drinking water, which costs 1.5 UAH”, — said the head of “Nazarus”.

According to him, people living in the “gray area” now do not need media support.

“When the President says: I will media to fight for the soul of every Ukrainian to do people who have 3 months of no bread? The mine on the Ukrainian side people the third day do not go into the pit because they 5 months are not paid a salary. While this rally is a cheap manipulation, as the Governor has driven people from the occupied territories of the Gold, and they spoke on camera for the that go to a referendum. The next day there was the same rally with the same number of people who have already said other things. Because we volunteers brought them bread. They changed attitude. It’s much better than “Minstets”, or words to be written there,” — said Biletsky.

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