Andrei Palchevsky Zelensky asked the hard question: “I am disappointed…”

Андрей Пальчевский задал Зеленскому жесткий вопрос: «Я разочаровываюсь…»

Andrei Palchevsky said that Ukrainian society the right to put Vladimir Zelensky important question

As reported Politeka, this statement by political analyst and broadcaster made in the program “Big Night” on Newsone. (To see the video prostrollo down)

“Until now, the majority of Ukrainians are sure that Zelensky us sent from above to solve problems. They trust the President. Including I. I’m disappointed, to be honest, for some moments. But in General, I he was trusted. But the people around him, I’m sorry, this is the big question. Moreover, we are entitled to ask Vladimir Alexandrovich. Why these people got to where they were one after the other? One purging the other team… the third porkalot… we Have that there are not enough intelligent young people,” — said Palchevskogo.

Андрей Пальчевский задал Зеленскому жесткий вопрос: «Я разочаровываюсь…»

He added, however, that these people will not be able to play the role of “lightning rod”.

“The main responsibility will be borne first person. No one will remember the name of, relatively speaking there, well who do we have at the head of the presidential administration… Well, we can now ten names to call. There they who will remember? Everyone will remember that Zelensky did not happen,” — said Palchevskogo.

In his opinion, the President needs to update the team.

“And I think it’s time to do team 2. It’s time to talk to people. Come. Because quickly as water from a siphon, it can support to evaporate. I would not want” — said Palchevskogo.

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We will remind, Andrey Palchevsky was stunned by the statement: “Zelensky will be under fire…”.

As reported Politeka, Andrei Palchevsky said the decision on Donbas, which will appeal to all.

Also Politeka wrote that Andrei Palchevsky spoke sharply about free Ukrainian medicine.