Andrei Palchevsky revealed the main problem with German “is only Enough for 5 minutes”

Андрей Пальчевский раскрыл главную проблему Кличко: «Хватает только на 5 минут»

Andrei Palchevsky told about why Vitali Klitschko could not be a good mayor of Kiev

Well-known presenter and political analyst Andrei Palchevsky suddenly broke into the ranking of candidates on a post of the mayor of the capital, and was immediately in second place.

Palchevsky told about his attitude to the “battle for Kiev” in an interview with “Apostrophe” (to see the video, doscroll down the page). According to the presenter, the main problem of the current mayor is the low level of trust, and, consequently, increasing the rating. Palchevskogo noticed that this is particularly evident on the example unfinished construction projects and large-scale projects, like the subway.

“Klitschko has a really high recognition seems even better than Zelensky. Everyone says Kiev choose between legends and “geeks”. For me, the legend of Kiev — a “Lenya Cosmos”. Imagine that you have chosen this man, clearly in drug addiction….however, his chosen,” — said the presenter.

Андрей Пальчевский раскрыл главную проблему Кличко: «Хватает только на 5 минут»

Another challenge Klitschko he called the inability to focus for more than 5 minutes.

“He really has a problem. The so-called “window of attention” — he has 5 minutes,” — said Palchevskogo.

At the same time, he believes that fighting in Ukraine is “not bad”. So, Palchevskogo admitted that he was pleasantly surprised the other boxer Alexander Usik. He sent the host his poems and he was frankly surprised at the talent of the athlete.

Palchevskogo believes that only time will tell whether there is a capital chance for a better future. However, he urged to look at everything from a position of optimism, but to remain vigilant.

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We will remind, Andrey Palchevsky steadily catching up with Vitali Klitschko in the ratings of candidates for mayor of Kiev.

All-Ukrainian sociological service conducted a survey to find out who would be voted by the people of Kiev, if elections were held this Sunday.

Андрей Пальчевский раскрыл главную проблему Кличко: «Хватает только на 5 минут»

Although the leader of the rating, and was the current mayor Vitali Klitschko, the survey showed that he has a serious competitor – Ukrainian TV presenter and political analyst Andrei Palchevsky. The figures also indicate that a rating falls Klitschko: if a recent survey showed that the current mayor is gaining 33.1% of the votes, the new figures are much more modest – to 16.1%.

Behind him in the ranking is Andrei Palchevsky from 12.6% of the vote.

We will remind, Andrey Palchevsky called big threat to Zelensky.

As reported Politeka, Andrei Palchevsky harsh comments about the division of Ukraine into East and West.

Also Politeka wrote that Andrei Palchevsky warned Zelensky on greater risk.