Andrei Palchevsky revealed an unexpected truth about the fateful decision: “Zelensky framed”

Андрей Пальчевский раскрыл неожиданную правду о роковом решении: «Зеленского подставили»

Andrei Palchevsky commented on the failure of the withdrawal of troops in the Donbass, and pointed to one important caveat

As reported Politeka, in the program “Big Night” on Newsone political expert and TV presenter expressed the view that the divorce of the parties was not held because of public pressure, not because of the provocations of the militants. (To see the video prostrollo down)

“I want to say, where are your scientists, Vladimir? Where are your philosophers? And there is some group of people that created this “SIC capsule” I call it. And of course he had not felt in a critical moment… the President was framed this group of people. And what happened? Now guilty, like Zelensky. But what have Zelensky? He clearly relied on the reports that came from there.. I don’t know all these people. And I don’t want to know by the way. Because I even Klimkin its assertiveness liked more. And these are some…” — said Palchevskogo.

Андрей Пальчевский раскрыл неожиданную правду о роковом решении: «Зеленского подставили»

He gave advice on how to avoid such situations.

“We need to listen to different points of view,” — said Palchevskogo.

Earlier it was reported that Palchevskogo noted that not all the population of Ukraine is equally looks at the question of Donbass.

“And we have two groups of people. Please note, the farther from the war – the more conversations that we need to continue to a victorious end. The inhabitants of these territories are ready for any conditions because they have a stutter kids, dying relatives,” — said Palchevskogo.

According to him, in such matters there should be a referendum.

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“It is absolutely obvious one. If the current Ukrainian administration in the face of the first man and his assistant still consulting with the people, I think, would be the people on the Maidan,” — said Palchevskogo.

We will remind, Andrey Palchevsky was stunned by the statement: “Zelensky will be under fire…”.

As reported Politeka, Andrei Palchevsky said the decision on Donbas, which will appeal to all.

Also Politeka wrote that Andrei Palchevsky spoke sharply about free Ukrainian medicine.