Andrei Palchevsky gave advice Zelensky at PrivatBank: “we Need a tough stance”

Андрей Пальчевский дал совет Зеленскому по ПриватБанку: «Нужна жесткая позиция»

Andrei Palchevsky commented on the position of Vladimir Zelensky of PrivatBank, which the President stated during the press-marathon

Statement by political analyst and broadcaster made in a video interview Politeka.

In particular, Palchevskogo noted that he wanted to hear specific answers Zelensky questions from journalists about the fate of PrivatBank, personnel appointments and the use of Ukrainian and Russian languages in the country.

Андрей Пальчевский дал совет Зеленскому по ПриватБанку: «Нужна жесткая позиция»

“I have not heard anything on this topic, but I wanted to hear,” – said the expert. In his opinion, Zelensky distanced itself from these issues. And, according to Palchevsky, the head of state should take a tougher stance.

“Vladimir Zelensky thus distanced itself so far from it. I don’t know whether to take that position. It seems to me that if the President would take a tougher stance against any oligarchic question, I, as a citizen, it would be a little clearer,” – said in a video interview Andrei Palchevsky.

Earlier we wrote that Andrei Palchevsky commented on the important steps the Ukrainian authorities. In the program on a Ukrainian channel political expert expressed the opinion that the question of Donbass should be resolved by referendum.

Palchevsky said that the people from the entourage of the head of state do not always give him the best advice.

“Jokes aside. Here’s what happened, without a referendum, has caused a resonance. Here is a very unfortunate statement was made that it was bought by the people. I always share our top into unequal parts: the Zelensky himself, the team ze (75%) and “SIC” — people who support the President and give him “excellent advice”,” — said TV presenter.

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Palchevskogo also mentioned that in addition to the new persons in power Zelensky promised Ukrainians and landing of corrupt officials of the past government and the holding of a referendum on important national issues.

Андрей Пальчевский дал совет Зеленскому по ПриватБанку: «Нужна жесткая позиция»

Andrei Palchevsky said that Ukrainians are beginning to be disappointed in the fact that while these promises of the President not to execute.

We will remind, Andrey Palchevsky Zelensky asked the hard question: “I’m disappointed…”.

As reported Politeka, scandal Zelensky and trump inflames with new force: the account goes on the clock.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky was struck by a deed before meeting with trump