Anderson MacDonald: next headliner

thomas-gregoire-carl-neill-hugo(Sherbrooke) The Phoenix is ​​a great believer in Anderson MacDonald. To think that the first-round of the Sherbrooke organization will become the next poster of the club head.

The Birds of staff already imagine the young left winger achieve great things. Moreover it is considered selected draft pick in 2018 NHL.

Master Recruiter Phoenix has seen MacDonald playing ten parts in the Midget AAA in New Brunswick. Quickly, Alain Prefontaine became a fan.

“He has fast hands, it is very imposing, he has a good skater even if it is not his strength, but above all it is an excellent start. This will be his trademark here in Sherbrooke. At 16, he already measuring 6’2 and weighs 204 pounds. He has the talent to be on one of the top two lines, “said the scout.

Dino’s in the uniform of Saint John MacDonald drew the attention of his opponents. Still, he managed to lead his team to the Telus Cup, the Canadian Championship Midget AAA.

“It was not a great team, but thanks to him, she finished second in Canada! It is not for nothing that we had to fourth on our list of top prospects. But knowing that he would not go to Baie-Comeau Drakkar and spoke three times before us, we took the opportunity to move back to tenth place with a transaction and it was paying! “Said Prefontaine.

Jocelyn Thibault also seen in his soup. After Saturday’s entry draft in Charlottetown, CEO jubilant.

“We followed him all year and we are pleased to add to our team a natural scorer with such a large template. They hesitated between some players, but in truth, it always came back to Anderson MacDonald. Especially because he is imposing, he likes to walk in traffic and he can score goals. This is not complicated: it has a decent shot of professionals, “says Thibault.

Ready to overcome the challenge

Although he refuses to apply unnecessary pressure on the shoulders, Anderson MacDonald hopes to impress in his first season in the QMJHL.

“I like the challenge that awaits me. I have to improve every aspect of my game to reach the expected level. I gained confidence last year by reaching the final of the Midget AAA Telus Cup. I’m going to have great coaches with the Phoenix and I will be surrounded by good leaders, “recalls the tenth choice for auction in 2016.

Despite an operation for appendicitis and participation in the Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer, MacDonald was able to get 38 points in 26 games with the Vito’s so become one of the best scorers of training. In fact, it has always been the best of his team.

“I started playing hockey for three years. My father played with me and then I was going to enjoy myself at the outdoor rink. My father gave me stuff because he still had good skills. From the start, I was better than others mainly because I was already bigger at this age. But I soon knew I had talent because I was always upgraded in the early years. I then joined the team Peewee AA, Bantam AA and Midget AAA. ”

And that he wants to accomplish in his first season in Sherbrooke?

“I want only integrate well with the Phoenix, helping the club to be successful and get my share of playing time. For that, I have to earn points. I’m a little nervous about my first season, but that’s normal. My arrival at camp well prepared so as not to miss my chance! “Ensures the striker 16.

The return of captain
Good news for the Phoenix: everything indicates that Captain Carl Neill will be back with the team. And if a good player who finally wants to be successful this season, it’s him.

From the day one of the organization, Carl Neill was ringside to witness the exploits and Birds failures.

It is also the only player in the 2012-2013 edition yet to evolve today to the Phoenix.

Looking for a contract, Neill will come to the Vancouver Canucks development camp in late June and main camp in August.

Carl Neill therefore still a chance to make the leap among professionals.

“Everything depends on the plans they have for me. Everything is in their hands. I have to get ready to camp and work hard to force the organization to offer me a contract. Even if I sign an agreement, that I may return in the QMJHL. I know I could make rapid progress in the American League, but the Phoenix also has good coaches. I tasted the professional level late in the season, I know that walking is high, but I’ll be ready when the day comes. I hope it’s this year or next year. We’ll see! “Defender ahead 20 years.

“In my case, I would not be at all disappointed to return to Sherbrooke, he adds. It’s been four years that I am here and the organization is unique. Everyone is united in Sherbrooke and I love the place. ”

Carl Neill takes a good look next season, his fifth and last in the circuit.

“Last year it was said that the Phoenix was going to have the best defense in the year, but with injuries, this was not always the case. This time I think it will be as good or better. The base of a team is the defensive and goalkeeper. This is not always the offensive team! Young defenders have gained experience, Evan Fitzpatrick will help us a lot and I am very pleased to welcome Olivier Schingh-Gomez. ”

Neill indeed applauds acquisition by Jocelyn Thibault at the last auction in Charlottetown.

“The fans do not know much, but it’s still a second-round pick. He has not had a chance to Blainville-Boisbriand. He works hard and he is motivated. It has character, it will be good in the dressing room and it is rather defensive, while the majority of our supporters are offensive. ”

The captain also was pleased to see the organization build on the character to be successful:

“We have guys who have character, talent and are willing to give the effort. good pieces on offense we have. It looks good for now and the future. It has all the ingredients to win. The European draft is important. Stephane Julien will prepare at the training camp and unintentionally put the bar too high, I’m confident for the next season, because the strength of character will be our greatest asset. ”

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