Anatoly Gritsenko has presented the list of “Civil position”: who entered the top ten

Анатолий Гриценко представил список «Гражданской позиции»: кто вошел в первую десятку

Party Anatoliy Hrytsenko “Civil position” has presented its list of candidates to participate in early elections to the Verkhovna Rada

The meeting was held on Monday, June 10, in the center of Kiev. It was presented for the first ten candidates of the party.

Topped the list of the Civil position party leader Anatoliy Hrytsenko.

In addition, the top five included the MP, the leader of the party “public control” Dmitry Dobrodomov, the leader of the party “Ridna Kraina” Mykola Tomenko, a leader of the European party of Ukraine Mykola Katerynchuk, the lawyer and social activist Marina Solovyov.

Анатолий Гриценко представил список «Гражданской позиции»: кто вошел в первую десятку

Also in the top ten of the party were:

6. Anatoly was Zabarilo Secretary of the Lviv city Council

7. Peter Landyak — Deputy of the Ternopil city Council

8. Nikolai Ladovsky — the head of the Ivano-Frankivsk regional organization of the party

9. Egor Firsov — ex-MP

10. Victor Trepak — the former Deputy head of SBU.

During the Congress Gritsenko declared that his party “is an ally elected President”, however she by no means “in opposition”. He also said that “citizenship” will not unite with the party of Mikheil Saakashvili “movement new forces.”

“This result of our negotiations,” — said Gritsenko.

Анатолий Гриценко представил список «Гражданской позиции»: кто вошел в первую десятку

On the website of the party “Civic position” published a full list of the political forces, which were 168 people.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the party “gromadyanska pozitsiya” goes on elections with three parties.

About it in a video interview Politeka said the leader of the party “civic position” Anatoly Gritsenko.

According to him, “gromadyanska pozitsiya” goes on elections together with the party “people’s Control” (Dmytro Dobrodomov), “Ridna Krayina” (Mykola Tomenko) and “Evropeyska party of Ukraine” (Mykola Katerynchuk). In addition, the team will be reinforced by professionals in key areas.

“It is important that the Parliament were professionals, there were people with morals, were patriots of Ukraine. We now put the question that closed the other party and all joined ours. It should be natural and it is found. Current law does not allow for the blocks, so we all go under the banner of “Gromadyanska posits,” — says Gritsenko.

Recall that Saakashvili has a new ally in the elections.

As reported Politeka, Tomenko and Gritsenko go to the polls as a unified team.

Also Politeka reported that Gritsenko spoke harshly about the return of inspections.