Anastasia found the reason for the attacks Dana Borisova

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova has accused of meanness and nedorabotannost TV presenter Dan Borisov, who previously offered to cure her alcoholism.

Anastasia has long listens from fans of the allegations of alcoholism and suggestions to treatment for this addiction. Recently to cure a ballerina with alcohol dependence volunteered Dana Borisova, which request asked the fans dancer.

Volochkova admits that has problems with alcohol, but the presenter, who has long concealed from the public their addiction to alcohol and drugs, which can have only when friends lured her to the clinic, explained that behave all alcoholics.

After this statement, The Anastasia publicly called Borisov sick person and stated that she can’t be offended by sick people who don’t realize what you are saying. The presenter after completing the course of treatment for drug addiction in Thailand and return to Moscow publicly apologized to the dancer for the offer to save her from the “green dragon”.

But it seems that she still has a grudge against Dana. In a recent interview to the portal Anastasia admitted that single women to survive in show business is not easy and said that the enemies are attacking her just because she’s got no men that can protect her.
“Because of the fact that there is no strong shoulder, I have to endure the attacks of the dishonorable people, such as Lou Ferrigno,” he said.

Volochkova was once again reminded that for a long time does not communicate with Borisova, but she does not leave attempts to be promoted at her expense.
“No communication I have with her there for several years, but the former TV presenter permanently affect my name for the sake of the feast,” stated former prima ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre – “I’m tired to deal with it!”.
Ballerina also assured that spat on all charges, including from This and lives to the fullest. However, she was advised to “vile” presenter before “treat” others to recover from their addictions.
“Besides the meanness to call it impossible. Dana let the first cure himself, and then takes up others”, – concluded the dancer and added – “I wish her every happiness, because when people are healthy and happy, living in harmony with the world and himself, he will never attack others.”

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