An uncontrollable fire engulfed the forest in the Ternopil region: video radiant PE

Неконтролируемый пожар поглотил лес на Тернопольщине: видео испепеляющего ЧП

Massive fire happened in the Ternopil region

Wednesday, September 11, in Berezhany district, Ternopil region broke out a huge fire, the fire spread into the woods, it is reported by news portal “Real.”

As reported, the perpetrators of the fire were local people who set fire to the foliage in the garden, but the flames quickly became uncontrollable and spread to neighboring areas, after which the fire spread into the forest.

Неконтролируемый пожар поглотил лес на Тернопольщине: видео испепеляющего ЧП

YouTube already posted a video from the event, which is clearly seen as from among the trees into the sky rises thick and black smoke.

“Burning mountain Starojicka”, — stated in the description of the video.

The tract Storozhenko — tract local importance in Ukraine. Located within the Ternopil region, on the Western outskirts of the city Berezhany.

The circumstances and causes of the fire are being investigated. It is expected the firefighters. There is also version of the intentional tan.

Recall that in the city of Izmail lit Shoe store.

Today, September 12, at 08:26 rescuers reported about a fire in a Shoe store on Pushkin street.

Неконтролируемый пожар поглотил лес на Тернопольщине: видео испепеляющего ЧП

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Arrived on the scene rescuers found strong smoke in the retail environment. It turned out that there was a fire computer, Desk, Windows and doors.

Already at 08:33 fire on the area of 5 square meters was eliminated.

The dead and injured as a result of the fire. The cause of the fire is established.

Earlier we wrote, in the Odessa region, a fire destroyed the shop and retail outlets.

Rescuers received a signal about the fire facilities in the village baraboy of the Ovidiopolsky district, the press service of the regional SES.

Arrived on the scene rescuers found that an open fire burns the roof of a single storey grocery shop, the fire spread to nearby buildings.

“The complexity of fire extinguishing consisted in the dense housing structures and lack of water sources. 4:17 the fire is localized, and in 5:09 — liquidated on the area of 500 m2”, — rescuers reported.

As a result of emergency fire destroyed the shop, two grocery stores and an outbuilding.

We will remind, the fire catastrophe in Russia: the situation worsens, dozens were burned alive.

As reported Politeka, a massive fire destroyed more than 150 homes.

Also Politeka wrote that the schoolgirl burned alive on the roof of the school