An original way to soothe baby

A young father came up with a novel way to soothe baby.

Оригінальний спосіб заспокоїти немовля

The problem is as old as the world itself – the kids who barely born, already well know how to cry. And doing this constantly until the young parents quickly master the science dealing with the child. That guy from Malta went their own way and the editors liked his “invention”. Although in reality the method is as ancient as the institution of fatherhood, informs Rus.Media.

This child is crying because crying, he did not need to, otherwise mom would not have made this mess, and already have. A young father jokingly asks the child to stop and complains, they say, would be cool to know the magic spell, a sedative for children. What if? It is recommended to make the volume more words of this song, but there is something else.

According to experts, he did everything right – the combination of low voice and vibration effect on the baby is comforting as a lullaby or sacred songs. It and adults lulls at times, not really prepared and Pro helps to meditate. So if you have friends naughty children can try to apply this method of sedation.

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