An issue of National Secondary 4 history exam is canceled

1213452Forced to cancel a question of national examination compulsory secondary history fourth, the Quebec Ministry of Education said study the situation to determine whether to crack.

The question was worth canceled nearly 25 percent of the test.

This was the only of the review essay question and accounted for 12 of the 50 points of the result, said Thursday a spokesman for the ministry, Bryan St. Louis.

The issue canceled will not count in the final result “in fairness for all.”

The ministry said he took this decision because the content “sufficiently clear” the issue was circulated widely on social media, giving students who saw an unfair advantage.

The spokesman of the Ministry could not confirm if it was the full question, word for word, or just the topic that was circulated.

The Ministry reminds that it is prohibited to transmit any information related to a ministerial event. There are penalties adds St. Louis, unable to say what it is.

Checks will be made to determine what happened and if there is a real leak. The ministry will then determine whether action will be taken against the offenders or.

The Ministry points out that a letter which was then circulated in social media announcing that the whole examination had been canceled was false and not from the competent authorities.

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