An infinite color palette

plusieurs-personnes-rassemblees-hangar-zoneSince Wednesday evening, the beauty comes in an infinite color palette to shed the Port area of ​​Chicoutimi. Until Sunday, 31 artists from the region, Quebec and elsewhere are meeting within the framework of the 11th edition of the International Painting Symposium and Sculpture of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. An event that is gaining reputation with the public as artists from year to year.

Last year, some 15 000 people have discovered the works presented in the symposium. This year, Gisèle Gravel, president, hope to welcome many more. “I’m still very demanding. I have difficulty understanding how I could get 10,000 visitors in a symposium in Baie-Comeau and not to have 25,000 in a large area like ours, “says one who can count on a hundred volunteers to ensure the smooth running of the event. “I want it to become a must for artists and the public.”

For their part, the artists met there Wednesday night were already in love. Each brought four works. It must then create on hand to fill his booth.

There are more than 10 years, the disease has forced Raymonde Perron to close the large workshop that opened on the south shore of Montreal. She settled in the countryside, in St-Sauveur. The woman who was to live only a few months has taken over. She opened a small workshop where she can still create, inspired by nature. “I thought that if I died, I had to transmit my knowledge and my passion,” says the one hoping to be selected for the symposium. “I have traveled symposia worldwide. Now I want to come back to Quebec. It was important, “she says.

The artist had fresh memories stay in the area made it several years ago. “The response was incredible. I was hoping to be chosen. Since our arrival, the heat is to go, “she says, smiling.

Réal Moisan is also particularly pleased to present his paintings of urban style in Saguenay. A native of Arvida, who has worked in the field of interior design in the area for 25 years enjoys presenting his work at home. “It makes me a little velvet be here. There is a quality selection. I consider myself very lucky to be chosen from exhibitors, “says one who participates in a dozen symposiums each year.

Armed with spatulas, the teacher in interior design in a Laval school hopes to share with the public throughout the event. He also took the opportunity to see members of his family, including his uncle Omer Moisan. “It was he who brought me into the woods to paint when I was high to a grasshopper. He transmitted his passion. ”

Claude Bonneau, whose paintings are distinguished by their color, movement and shine, is for its part in his third participation in the event.

The artist of Baie-Comeau, who took part in symposiums everywhere, believes that the region is one of the most beautiful in Quebec. “It’s one of those that everyone loves to do. When you can come, we are very happy to be invited, especially as it takes place in a beautiful site, “says one who particularly likes to paint dancers and musicians for the movement it allows.

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