An Evening with David Thibault

david-thibaultDavid Thibault had made a good impression in March 2015, first part of the show’s happiness years at the Theatre Municipal Palace of La Baie. Flanked by two musicians, the young man had delivered some classic Elvis before passing the baton to the evening’s stars: Michel Louvain, Chantal Pary and Renée Martel.

Thursday at 20 pm, is in a different context that the singer returns to the Saguenay. His name appears at the top of the poster and those who go to see the Theatre National Bank of Chicoutimi see that this miracle – it is not older than 18 years – can attend different world from that of the King.

“The show pays tribute to the music of the 1950s and 1960. I’ll parts of Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Little Richard and Johnny Hallyday, as well as Elvis. It is a period that I like to songs as well as his cars and decoration, “he told David Thibault Wednesday in a telephone interview with the Daily.

The pride of Saint-Raymond de Portneuf does not play the piano like Jerry Lee Lewis, but those who know the extravagant side of the Killer, on stage and outside, will not be disoriented. His interpretation of Great Balls of Fire will not be confused with a ballad.

“I do it with my gut and I move a lot. Since it’s a pretty crazy person, I can let myself go on stage with him, “says David Thibault. Another difference from his first appearance, is the participation of three singers and four musicians, including a bassist. The sound will be broader.

“We respect the spirit of the songs, but not delivering an identical reproduction ‘, states the singer. Sign that his artistic personality begins to assert her debut album, which will be launched on 25 May, will include some original parts in French.

“I play with my style, a mix of retro and modern. It was not long ago that I found my sound to me, “said David Thibault. For now, these compositions are not part of the show. However, fans who will see it tonight discover his version of Blue Hotel, a success of Chris Isaak.

The time is right, since the clip is aired for several days. This excerpt from the eponymous album is unique in that it brings the listener in the 1980s, an area that the young man was little used. “I did not know this piece, but my mother loves long time,” he says.

As for the audience, it is relatively old, such as hints his repertoire. “It is my pleasure to remind him of his youth, but I think my compositions will attract more young people. The retro style is back in fashion, “said the guest of Diffusion Saguenay.

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