“An eternal war”: Putin lashed out at Ukraine with new threats

«Будет вечная война»: у Путина набросились на Украину с новыми угрозами

Infamous Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that Ukraine allegedly doomed to eternal war

Threats odious Russian politician broadcast a propaganda programme “Sunday evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

Zhirinovsky was outraged that the Ukrainians allegedly forced to admit his identity and become hostile towards the Russian. Therefore, according to him, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has no chance to end.

«Будет вечная война»: у Путина набросились на Украину с новыми угрозами

“The army of the Ukrainian shame! Russian in Ukraine is a disgrace! Gave up all the traitors Vlasov all, betrayed the Russian idea! You forced to be Ukrainians! Learned the Ukrainian language, now for the hryvnia that sell everything! And shoot the Russian in Russian! And again we will have to do it because a generation has grown already almost 30 years, they already do not know what the Soviet Union and Russia. They hammered into your head that Russia is an enemy. It will take 30 years, it will be eternal war. Feud, don’t think about the world. There will always be enmity, war,” he cried.

We will note, the consequence of the aggressive rhetoric of illegitimate odious Deputy of Russian state Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky may be that at one point, the aggressor will simply become the victim of a preemptive strike. This well-known Ukrainian journalist Yanina Sokolova said in a broadcast their own talk show on YouTube.

She was indignant with words of the controversial propagandist for Putin’s regime Olga Skobeeva. If you believe the Russians, Zhirinovsky supposedly is just an extraordinary Deputy, does not affect the work of the government of the Russian Federation.

“Oh a foul on olczyk, and what are you Duma humiliated, huh? The Russians, I want to remind you that according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the state Duma approves the Prime Minister and adopts a decision on his resignation. And not just Vladimir Zhirinovsky with his LDPR voted for the current Cabinet of Ministers. Therefore, e*anuti statements of a person with such powers can sooner or later lead to what you *Banat”, — said Sokolov clearly Kabaevoj.

«Будет вечная война»: у Путина набросились на Украину с новыми угрозами

We will remind, Zhirinovsky has disgraced the word about Ukraine, he must go to the cemetery.

As he wrote Politeka, released towards the Russian rocket burst rage Putin.

Also Politeka wrote that on the Crimean bridge, it turned out that was most afraid of Putin.