An aquatic center valued at $ 34 million

bassin-recreatif-pourra-accueillir-350(Granby) The aquatic center project to be built on part of the park in Granby Dubuc would cost $ 34 million, an increase of $ 4 million compared to what was originally planned. Of this amount, $ 10 million will be borne by the citizens, according to forecasts from the mayor Pascal Bonin.

This is what was announced at the presentation of the new version on Wednesday before the citizens of Granby Hotel.

“We hope to seek $ 19.5 million in grants from various levels of government (federal and provincial). The goal is either tripartite, 33% each, “said the mayor. The remaining $ 4.5 million will be paid out of the tax return (GST and PST).

But no question of going ahead with the construction as the City did not get grants. “There is no question of weighing too strongly on behalf of the citizens taxes. I can not ask them to pay a $ 34 million project, “says Pascal Bonin.

In this way, the $ 10 million would be paid as follows: “For an average house ($ 234,000), one speaks of an increase of $ 30 of the tax bill for 20 years, representing $ 600 final “said the director of the project Office of the city of Granby, Daniel Surprenant.

Increased cost

The increase in the project cost is explained by the desire of the city to build a building with LEED certification, a synonym for energy efficient construction. This represents an addition of $ 2 million.

Also, there were some unexpected, including increasing the outdoor pool’s capacity and the presence of a water table that was higher than what the forecast was believe. “We’ll have to raise the center, costing $ 1.5 million more,” the mayor of Granby.

So far, $ 1.53 million was invested in the project design, such as the development of plans and specifications. A commission was issued in July 2015 to the architects Denis Thibodeau Favreau and Heloise, and the firm Cima +.

Last May, the City of Granby adopted a resolution to express his desire to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy to obtain financial aid. In February, the City had turned down the request to grant it had received under the support program for sports and recreational facilities – Phase III.


“Right now, it’s right in our schedule, this advance as desired,” says Pascal Bonin.

Final plans should be submitted to council for approval by September. The City will then tie up its borrowing bylaw for $ 10 million.

The tender would be made at the beginning of winter, which would start construction in spring 2017. “According to the forecasts, it is expected to take two years,” says Daniel Surprenant.

Parking will be added in the arena area and site of new aquatic center.

New look

The new plans for the future Aquatic Centre were also announced on Wednesday.

The building of 5,000 square meters will be adapted to the tastes of the day, with a large windows and a very modern look. City seeks also to integrate a work of art on the structure.

It will include four changing rooms for men, women, families and people with reduced mobility.

Recreational pool will accommodate 350 people, in addition to include activities such as a slip of 5 meters and water games. The competitive pool of provincial level, will have a capacity of 250 swimmers. Bleachers will also be appointed.

The last pond, outside, will allow 300 people to enjoy the water.

A video revealing all plans will be available shortly on the website of the city.

The aquatic center is expected to take two years to build according to the director of the Project Office of the city of Granby, Daniel Surprenant. – Photo provided by Granby

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