An air art gallery opened in downtown Chicoutimi

conseiller-municipal-simon-olivier-coteDowntown Chicoutimi is becoming “an open air art gallery” with two new digital prints revealed Tuesday to a total of five, which took place in the buildings of the Rue Racine.

Printed works on large canvases of Nуlanne Perron-Racine and Julien Boily artists are respectively installed on the building vapoteur, corner of Morin Street, and on the Laflamme property, which houses South Cafe. They were chosen by tender to the integration project of contemporary art in the city center, through the Cultural Crescent program funded by the Association of centers of Chicoutimi borough.

“It shows that art can be present in public spaces. Culture is a collective wealth and is expected to take more and more space in the city, “Councilman industry said, Simon-Olivier Côté at the unveiling.

The image of the “open art gallery” comes from the president of the association, Bruno Gauthier. “It beautifies and makes it more user friendly commercial sector. The works will become part of the landscape, “he believes.

Creating Julien Boily, called Chroma, wants a kind of sham, as “if new architectural elements were added to the building,” which is also used a tailor shop. Three tissue balls appear on a replica of the brick wall. The first shows Peruvian reasons, as the restaurant below. The middle one shows typical motifs of the Art Deco style as the building built in 1942. The last shows rather traditional lines of Quebec’s sash.

“The work is intimately linked to the support. It would lose almost all its meaning if exposed outside of the building, “says Julien Boily, who for the occasion dropped his favorite medium of painting to find 3D graphics before he practiced as a profession.

The digital print of Nélanne Perron-Racine is an entirely different atmosphere. It has old photos of family of the artist, in black and white, with juxtaposed images of basalt, a volcanic stone that iron is prevalent in up the Saguenay to the St. Lawrence River.

“I was watching the genealogy and history of Riverin, who owned the building before. I realized that it was quite a similar origin to my family and to many people in the region, with the movement from La Malbaie 1850. All families can see in my work, says Nélanne Perron-Racine. Basalt reminds La Malbaie and its colors will look a little those bricks. ”

The latter greatly appreciate the project, which provides a lot of support for artists in addition to driving downtown. “This is our living environment, why not improve? Just hang elsewhere the attention of passers, this is interesting. ”

Nуlanne Perron-Racine and Julien Boily are also part of the Collective Agreement exhibition currently underway at Bang center. The other three are digital prints on the walls of TouTTouT Workshop, Arts Centre and culture and gallery La Corniche.

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