Among the big politicians while only Lyashko not afraid to speak out against the import of Russian e/e – Karasev

Среди больших политиков пока только Ляшко не побоялся выступить против импорта российской э/э - Карасев

Political analyst Vadim Karasev said that despite the difficult and glaring problem, escalated in Ukraine (talking about importing electricity from the Russian Federation), while only Oleg Lyashko clearly expressed his categorical position on the issue

He said this on his page in the social network Facebook, reports Ukrainian news Agency.

“So far, from the top politicians only Oleg Lyashko spoke directly on this problem. Politicians should publicly articulate and defend their position. I really hope that he is the first of the politicians, but not the last. The problem is very serious”, — wrote the MP.

In his opinion, the import of electricity from the Russian Federation (RF) is fraught for Ukraine that cuts off Ukraine from the prospects of integration into the European energy system ENTSO-E.

“Experts say that 4 years Ukraine was held, did not buy the Russians have electricity, ready to synchronize its energy system with Europe. And now due to the fact that someone close to the oligarchs decided “here and now” earned, can be broken the whole build over the last years, the strategy of energy security”, — said the analyst.

According to him, the position of the experts is understandable, but the policy “in mouth full of water”.

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“I do not mean the individual concerned deputies of the profile Committee, and the big politicians, leaders of political parties. Is the media euphoria around one famous oligarch K. has that effect on politicians? Or politicians do not want to lose the loyalty of one national channel?” asked Karasev.

We will remind, on September 18, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine in the sphere of nuclear energy use”, which was lobbied help, allowed to buy Ukrainian consumers of imported electricity at bilateral contracts. Import was supposed to be from Belarus.

October 1 was the first delivery of electricity from Russia in import mode. Supply held steady schedule with capacity of 100 MW. According to a source in the market, the import made by the company “United energy”, which is associated with businessman Igor Kolomoisky.

A number of energoexpert considered the beginning of electricity imports from Russia as a threat to energy independence of Ukraine and the future an instrument of pressure from the Kremlin on the Ukrainian authorities. And the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Mikhail Bondar stated that it will initiate cancellation of the amendments on the import of electricity.