Americans are afraid of the Russian system of TAS-1 Buratino

The media became aware of the unique weapons of the Russians, who are afraid of the Americans. Such a frightening element was the flamethrower system TOS-1 “Buratino”.

In some U.S. media published an article about unique new weapons of the Russian military, which was a real Intimidator for Americans. The author notes Sebastian Roblin reported that heavy flamethrower system TAS-1 belongs to a unique type of weapon. Analogues of this plant have not yet invented, so its characteristics are able to induce panic. According to Robina, the basis for setting the TAC-1 was the T-72 tank and its component parts.

With the help of this type of weapon can conduct aimed fight 220-mm rockets. The Russian military has been used in the practice of the action of TAS-1 “Buratino”. This happened during the years of military conflict in Afghanistan. Action from fighting with the weapons of the most destructive. The entire installation is located on a special rotating stand.

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