American researcher has discovered the alien ship in the Bermuda triangle

Американский исследователь обнаружил корабль пришельцев в Бермудском треугольнике

American treasure hunter Darrell Miklos found unknown design, cylindrical shape, deep underwater in the infamous Bermuda triangle. According to the researcher, that he found at depth, may be evidence of extraterrestrial visits to Earth thousands of years ago. Reported by the Daily Mail.

To explore shipwrecks in the Caribbean, Miklos was used created by his close friend and famed NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper’s secret card.

Designs that are several meters protrude above the surface of coral, he found near one of the reefs. The researcher believes that he found the water on the alien ship.

According to who worked with treasure hunter Geophysics, the age of this underwater vegetation may be more than 5 thousand years. According to scientists, due to the strong magnetic fields here, nothing could grow, however, seen evidence to the contrary — corals cover an area of approximately 100 sq. m.

Miklos is sure that for further investigation they discovered the object must raise to the surface.

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