American Horror Story: Will Ryan Murphy persuade Jessica Lange to come back?

What if Jessica Lange returned to American Horror Story? Ryan Murphy would do anything for the actress to be ready for a new season …

4 seasons and then goes away! Jessica Lange had announced that she had finished with American Horror Story . “I made four seasons in four years, each year with a new superb character, everything changed from year to year, which made the job very interesting for me, but no: I think sometimes Comes to the end of things and they have had their natural life expectancy, “she explained to justify her departure.

But Ryan Murphy obviously no longer wants to let his actress spin! And that could materialize, the actress having finished filming the series Feud (still for Murply) for FX. Asked by TVGuide, the co-creator of the series said, ” I think if I convince her enough, you know, I did not really talk to her because we’re always seeing what’s possible, Think that one would like it “. The actress could thus join the crossover season imagined by Ryan Murphy . The soap opera continues!

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