American boy claims he was a pilot during the Second world war

Американский мальчик утверждает, что был пилотом во время Второй мировой войны

Five years ago, the American media wrote about a young man named James Leininger, who stated that it is the reincarnation of the pilot of the Second world war – James Houston, reports the DILL with reference to the NEWS of the world. James at the time, was shot down by a Japanese fighter.

The hero of our story in his childhood astonished the parents. For example, when James’s mother gave him a plane attached under the fuselage of the “bomb”, a two year old child explained to her that it’s fuel tank.

Already at an older age (4-5 years) boy in kindergarten actively drawing fighters of the Second world war, while his peers were depicted, usually cartoon characters.

Американский мальчик утверждает, что был пилотом во время Второй мировой войны

In older age the boy began to suffer nightmares: every morning, James told the parents that night fell in a burning plane, and that he is the pilot James Huston Jr.

The doctor prescribed the child a sedative, which, incidentally, was quite out of place. Only Dr. Jim Tucker from the University of Virginia told the parents that the boy likely survived the reincarnation. It is real, though poorly studied.

In the end, were found the relatives of the deceased pilot, 87-year-old Anne Barron and 74-year-old Bob. When they heard the story of James, then fell into shock. The boy told them the details of who knew only the closest people of the deceased soldier. Thus the fact of reincarnation was confirmed.


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