American 30 years pushed the door meteorite for 100 thousand dollars

In the US, male 30 years propped up the door with a stone, which turned out to be a meteorite, worth about 100 thousand dollars.

CNN told the owner got a meteor buying the farm. The owner said that he took the stone from the crater. About half a century ago he saw the night sky in a bright fireball. And the next morning went to the place where the meteorite fell and pulled out his still warm from the crater.

The meteorite he used for a long period of time as a stop for the door in a farm in Edmore, and then to Grand Rapids, where he moved the new owner of the meteorite. With his words, sometimes this meteorite children to wear to school to make a report.

Long time the man had no idea about the value of the meteorite. But then, seeing a news story about people selling fragments of the meteorite, want to know how valuable the meteorite.

At Central Michigan University studied the meteorite. It weighs about 10 kg, This meteorite received the name Egorovsky. According to experts, its price is around 100 thousand US dollars.
“This is one of the most valuable samples that I was holding, and cost, and from a scientific point of view,” said Professor Sirbasku Mona (Mona Sirbescu) from the faculty of Geology Central Michigan University.
Egorovsky the meteorite is composed of iron and Nickel. This is one of the largest meteorites found in Michigan. Interest in the discovery has shown at the Smithsonian Institute, who would like to purchase it for his Museum, and mineralogical Museum in Maine.

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