Amel Bent explains why she agreed to become coach of The Voice Kids – Here

Amel Bent will participate in season 5 of The Voice Kids. The new coach has revealed the reasons that made her accept this new adventure.

This is the big surprise of the upcoming season of The Voice Kids. After Soprano, who replaces M Pokora, the production of the télécrochet has chosen to recruit Amel Bent. The singer of 32 years had remained low profile since the birth of her little Sofia and was slow to return to full light.

But, after a long absence, the young mother, who expects her second child, has agreed to sit in the red armchair of TF1 to the sides of Patrick Fiori and Jenifer. In an interview to Tele 7 Days, she explained why she has decided to make its grand return in season 5 The Voice Kids.

“It is a matter of timing. In a career, there are good and less good times to do things. It is true that I was offered several times, on different channels, but I was in the heat of the action of my own history : either on stage, or in the promo album, “revealed Amel Bent, who, after having” taken a lot of perspective on [his] career “, has chosen to embark on the adventure.

“I talked to my manager and to my new record company, Mercury, as I needed help finding the courage and the right lever to return to, welcomed the singer. The young woman has promised that she’ll never have that “kindness and love” towards the young candidates. A “maternal side” which is not only due to its role as a mom, but also to his career.

Revealed to the general public in the second season of Nouvelle Star on M6, Amel Bent is familiar with the mechanics of télécrochets. It will be all the more reassuring with the candidates that she has, herself, never winning the competition since she finished in third place including behind Steeve Estatof, the big winner. “So, I know what it is to leave early in an adventure, what we want to hear at that moment. I can also say that, in fact, even if you don’t win, you can succeed after, ” assured Amel Bent, who is set to start filming blind auditions from the end of the month of October.

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