Ambassador: Hungary uses the education act because of the elections

The country uses the law for political intrigue.

The Hungarian authorities use the Ukrainian law on education to influence elections in his country. In an interview with Euractiv, said the Ukrainian Ambassador to the EU Nikolay Tochitskii, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

Thus he explained why some neighboring countries, e.g. Bulgaria, just to understand the arguments of Ukraine concerning educational law, and Hungary have responded so harshly.

“It became clear that in some Bulgarian schools in Ukraine are not enough good teachers. Therefore, together with Bulgaria, we co-administered training programs. You can go to a better situation with a country that is willing to cooperate.

But with a country that wants to use this law for their own purposes, for the domestic agenda – the election – obviously, it’s impossible. I mean Hungary, I’m not afraid to call this country”, – said the diplomat.

According to him, to avoid politicization of the situation in connection with the adoption of the education law, Ukraine submitted it to the Venice Commission, and the law will come into force in September next year.

We will remind, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has stated that Hungary has confirmed its presiunile blocking the rapprochement between Ukraine and NATO.

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