Amazon has patented a technology of recognition of mood and feeling in your voice

With that Alexa will be able to determine a patient user or a user in a depression.

Amazon запатентувала технологію розпізнавання настрою і самопочуття по голосу

Amazon has patented a technology, using which system language analysis can recognize a sick person. Except for cold, which is proposed to determine with a cough and hoarseness, the system also can recognize the mood of the user. It is expected that this technology the company will use in its Alexa voice assistant, according to Ars Technica, informs Rus.Media.

Amazon unveils voice assistant Alexa in 2014. In addition to the Amazon Echo the device for which the assistant was originally designed, the company uses it in a variety of devices, from microwave ovens to cars. The speech analysis technology, the company constantly refined: for example, a year ago, the voice assistant has learned to give personal answers to different users, and recently developed by Alexa Amateur taught to respond to sign queries.

Now the company has patented the diagnosis of diseases through the voice of the user. In the patent, which was adopted on October 9, noted that the speech recognition technology for such a diagnosis to be used in Amazon devices (for example, the same column Echo). Of course, such a diagnosis will not replace medical, but Alexa can, for example, to specify the user who is not sick he is, and offer to order him medicine.

As for the analysis of emotions, in this case access not only to voice replies, and to a search history of the user: the analysis will be supplemented by information about recent activity in your network. With the help of this system will be able to determine, for example, that person is sad or bored, and ask how he’s doing and what he wanted to do; also voice assistant will be able to offer you to watch a movie. In the future, the mood analysis can also be used for the diagnosis of mental disorders, but the detail in the patent does not say this.

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While it is unknown is the patented method used in Alexa. In any case, Amazon first need to ensure that the use and storage of such information for further study does not contradict the data privacy.

Amazon is not the only one who uses language analysis to identify disease: however, mostly, all offered at the moment of the decision relate to the diagnosis of mental disorders and mainly on the content of spoken and semantic characteristics.

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